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The children are taking over adult venues.

It is well known among my peers that, I take a fair amount of issue with the local pubs I visit being over run by under 18s, and tiny children. I understand thIoIzY7oat parents feel like they shouldn’t miss out on a social life, for the small fact they have kids,  however my question is, at what point did we as a society stop thinking about the adverse effects this may have on them?

Kids aren’t allowed in the pokies room, but there is nothing banning them from the smoking areas or sitting at a table covered in wine and jugs of beer.

Back in 1994 a paper was published on Childhood exposure to alcohol and adolescent drinking patterns. it found : “children who had been introduced to alcohol before the age of 6 years were 1.9 to 2.4 times more likely to report frequent, heavy or problem drinking at age 15 years than children who did not drink alcohol before the age of 13. It is concluded that young people reared in home environments that have permissive attitudes to alcohol use and who are introduced to alcohol at an earlier age may be more vulnerable to alcohol-related problems in adolescence.”

SO, am I just an arsehole,  who prefers adults only venues to stay a sanctuary away from out of control minors who can’t decide for themsleves, if they want to be there or not?

I am sure many would say yes, but consider this.  Is it possible these parents simply creating another generation of hard core drinkers?

Australia is traditionally known for it’s drinking culture, however with recent spates of alcohol related violence, which has led to harsh restrictions on when you cant and cant buy alcohol, lock out laws  and  the basic reduction of fun in general, to whom do we point the finger? Where does this shit begin?

Just as we are starting to educate young kids about relationships and domestic violence, why did we take the foot off the accelerator on  kids and drinking?

Conversely;  It could be said that in European countries, children are exposed to alcohol from quite a young age and the instances of alcohol related problems are arguably,  far less there. Table wine with dinner, and long term exposure works to bring down the urge to binge drink because it has always been available, and is therefore not a big deal.

Smart venues in Sydney are embracing the fact that parents still want to be able to go to the pub on a Friday night, and have dedicated areas where all families are welcome.  It means the parents spend some money, but does it create a future market at the same time? Maybe.

Most of these venues will also have areas that are kid free, however I am yet to see a single time when the rule hasn’t been broken.

As a punter who disagrees with kids running around with no shoes on, smearing their hot chips into the window, climbing over the seats to pull a face at me while I watch the cricket, I ask, what would happen to a grown ass adult if they tried to do that?   Get kicked out, that is what.

I feel like there needs to be some new form of social etiquette in place for the new phenomena of under 10s in bars.  How do we get a dos and don’ts for using the pub as your baby sitter  in 2015. My Top 3:

  1. Keep your kid at your table
  2. Bringing them to the pub in their pajamas, probably isn’t that cool an idea. You don’t have to be “that cool dad” you’re just a jerk. I dont wanna look at kids in their PJs playing pool.
  3.   It’s not a fucking playground for children.

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