Music Blogs

Ive ben interested in other people’s music blogs since about 2005 or there abouts. Some have come and gone.

A few have stuck around and stuck in my mind as quality sources of Music, often independant often not played for at least another 6 months on commercial radio etc etc.

Gorilla V.s Bear

An Aquarium Drunkard  search whatever you like!

Ryan’s Smashing Life


The quintessential Pitchfork

and there’s more. As soon as I learn how to fly this thingy.

One thought on “Music Blogs

  1. nicerneil says:

    JHD Revival at the townie newtown 13th dec… xmas bash I haven’t heard better than these dudes. other than my guru Darren Jack but he’s not nine piece.. Em Benson is a powerhouse and only a kid… See Me there..

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