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Since my last post about this topic, Dear readers, I have foun20245939_630419520496771_4146133389249409560_nd that I have become more and more aware of the bullshit and slanderous and misogynist tendencies of men who are trash, online.  And more and more willing to call them on it.

*Today also marks the release of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s data on the prevalence of sexual assault on Campus.

Rape culture exists, and is being more exposed than ever before partly because of the interenet.

This internet is still not a safe space for women either, but more and more of us are speaking out against the culture of belittling women’s issues, and rape culture. More and more, are reposting, with names, the vile spew that men have written about us, in broad daylight.

Recently,  a movement, mainly on Twitter has started, called #menaretrash and offended men and some women ( I’ll get to that later) , everywhere are jumping to the worn out, yet so often not understood #notallmen, in response.  I occasionally began to wonder if it is even worth the energy needed to verbally combat the ignorance, and more importantly wonder, is it really our job as women, to continue to try to educate those who refuse to understand?  Inevitably I always come back to the concept, Yes it still is.

In a debate, if neither side will learn anything from the other, it is wise to end the debate.  Some may say this is the best option for Men’s rights activists (  I will call MRAs in this post) vs. Feminist arguments. Personally,  I feel like I have learned a lot about how, many men don’t understand what they are trying to argue against, how many men harbor a venomous hatred, a vicious, dangerous, subcutaneous urge to physically maim their opponent in and outside of the argument, it is deeply ingrained. They openly blame  feminists and female identifying people who dare to call them out on their shit talk, as the reason they are “forced” to call women fat sluts, land whales, whores, who deserve to be humiliated and killed in a public place. They brought it upon themselves, they say, they deserve it.

I wouldn’t have this understanding of their motives, if not for reading and responding to copious numbers of very angry blokes. It is tiresome, but I plow on because I have never believed in anything more in my life. No religion or faith, or conviction have I ever felt more attuned to.

As a surprise,  I recently had a female friend thank me for continuing to post feminist arguements and attempt to slay the patriarchy, because she didnt feel like she could do that so publicly.  I know there are people who see what I post now, but may not react. it’s still important.

In lieu of a TLDR: A Glossary of types of  men’s responses to Feminism online which may help some people understand why I rage so hard:

Benevolence: Some men try to be clever and act as though they have some “advice” for women. This can come in the form of.. “by pointing out misogyny, you are actually adding fuel to their fire”, or ” your anger is legitimate, but…”  I suppose they feel like they are agreeing with us, and giving us a good old bit of benevolence. For our own good, ‘as a man let me warn you because I know what men are like,  of course #notallmen, because like, I would never think that, but you women should take my advice because #menaretrash.’ I just wanted to come in to your feminist pages and let you know that I’m a “nice guy” but you are misguided and need my advice.

This type of sexism can also manifest as an anger toward women because they feel like men do a lot of “favours” for women. Getting something from a high shelf, opening a jar, getting rid of a spider. All of which are deeply rooted in an old fashioned concept of chivalry. Too often though, forgetting to ask the woman if she actually wanted the help from them, and simply assuming that men and women have vastly different “biological attributes” which pre-determine their abilities.

Incel rage: Incel is short for involuntary celibate.  These blokes, through what they believe is no fault of their own, are unable to get sex with women. Usually heterosexual angry white guys. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to their kind, and it is a scary space to go to.  Incels believe that women “owe” them sex simply because they are men, and women are  an inferior “species”. They are often enraged. They often don’t believe rape exists. They are the kind of guy who would go to one of those “how to land chicks in 3 easy steps” seminars. They post ironic things like “suicidal woman are attention whores” and that incels shouldn’t have to pay taxes and that women live on “easy mode”. Men who are considered good looking are called “Chads” and men who get sex are called “normies”. They have an intense and relentless bitterness, aimed right at women.

Lack of access to sex, or a relationship or marriage prospects, has caused these guys to lash out at women in general. Thus causing a perpetuation of their problem due to their aggressive, bitter misogyny.


MRA rage: As I’ve noted before, MRAs are the main group who identify themselves as the bitter enemy of feminism. If this was a computer game they would be the “big boss” to defeat. MRAs actively campaign against feminists. They are the kind of guys who feel that men are the marginalised gender. That men are demonised in society.  They believe Feminists hate men and think all men should be killed. ( Misandry). They cry that the court favours women when it comes to custody disputes of Children. ( I personally believe if this has happened to them personally,  this is where most MRAs begin their online careers as complete and utter jerks)

They also think women have more rights than men, and will often shit talk that women probably have  WAY MORE rights than men. They will bring up the text book classics such as “More men die in wars than women”  and “Men built all the infrastructure that you women enjoy” as well as “Men do all the hard labour jobs that women wont do”.

All of these are easily refuted. Most MRAs wont listen though.  It’s because inevitably society is set up so they dont have to. That’s why they are trash.

Some men and women say they are humanists  ( believe that all humans are equal, and feminism seeks to bring hatred toward cis gender males). Without going through all the reasons these excuses are bullshit, I sometimes liken the situation to a game of backyard cricket. Except the boys have a 50 run head start, and yet the girls are expected to play by the normal rules to achieve the same result or better. Everything’s equal, say the boys, we are letting you play the game with us now. If you want equality this is it!

Anyone can see that women were at a disadvantage from the start, and expecting them to catch up immediately is a lie.

Men online and IRL are trash. Of course it isnt all men, but if you’re not one of these types of fuckwits. You wont be offended. Capture

I wait to be unsurprised by the AHRC report today, and I hope men are just as shocked by the report as women won’t be.  Men are Trash online correlates to men who are Trash in real life. Keep fighting the good fight, feminists, survivors and families of victims. I know I will try.



Would it actually kill you?

I’ve started working in a fairly well-to-do area of Sydney and have noticed a few idiosyncrasies which,  well to be true to my self expression,  are irksome.

The buzz word around the traps these days is ” entitled “. Much of the media says it’s the millenials fault.  I spose in some ways you could argue its true, but not for the way that you might think.

Entitled people beget entitled people. It seems to me there is a touch of the good for the goose is good for the gander. It is amazing how concentrated pockets of entitled individuals can pop up and cling together like blue green algae in a stagnant pond.

Possibly one of the most irksome things about working in retail is how controlled your response to entitled individuals is by the powers that be above you in the chain of command.

For example: Today,  three people in a row have approached an employee to purchase, while refusing to get off their phone.

You might think to yourself well,  just don’t serve them until theystop being so rude, right?   In your everyday life if someone was trying to speak with you and were on their phone to someone else at the same time,  you’d be pretty pissed off.

What happens in retail is we ‘enable’.

Entitled people will test the water with both feet on how far they can push it.  Often they know that as an employee you’re unable to comment,  and unable to refuse service and simultaneously have to put up with their fucking bullshit.

What happens when they complain to the powers that be?  The powers that be reward them for it.

And so the shit spin cycle goes on forever until, who knows, maybe a customer punches an employee in the face and gets given a $100 gift voucher for being inconvenienced.

Punch Drunk


Generational differences used to be a hot topic, back when I was at University studying art. I remember a book called ‘Generation X; Tales for an accelerated Culture” In 1987,  The Author Douglas Coupland (who was born in 1961) wrote an article for Vancouver Magazine in which he lamented the lack of realization for people within his own birth cohort. A year later, he received a $22,500 forward from St. Martin’s Press to complete a handbook on the “generation” that he had outlined in the article.

I’m on the tail end of that Gen. Fast forward 20 years and what are we now?

Most articles describe us as Generation “Meh”  Now in our mid thirties, we are happy with our lot! We are content.  We are the also rans. We’ve done our thing, we have evolved, we’re up on our hind legs, the problem’s solved, but we are tired, we’ve got nothin’ to believe in… sung the much adored Nick Cave in his song “Go tell the Women”

We were, in my own experience, a generation that grew up in a time when our toys were choking hazards, things got tested on us. Medical things like new Asthma treatments.  Our University and school subjects often got changed half way through doing them and we just had to cop it.  We got thrown in the deep end. We didn’t often win anything. We still knew about kids who “repeated” school levels. Sometimes things never got finished.  Sometimes we were left on the bench.   We left home at 18. We got standard jobs, and that was O.K.   Some of us started the “Cashed up Bogan” movement.  Like a middle class Tradie yuppie.  We bought McMansions, or, we didnt buy any property at all, content to rent for the rest of our time until we inherit a fortune from our grandparents, or our own  first wave Baby Boomer parents. ( Since they wouldnt retire or make room for those looking for a job, we might be waiting a while)

I’m not one to repost those often ill informed pictures with words on them that say “when I grew up we played in the street until the sun went down and we never got molested”… We did, but there was no social media back then, just the town grape vine. Kids still got into the same shit as they do now, you were just less likely to hear about it if their family didn’t want you to know.  The same shit, they do now but we moved on… dealt with it however we needed to.

I’m the last of my kind.

Just about all my friends of my own generation have children now. At least one of them was conceived around the time of my 18th birthday party and are now young adults.   If I had had kids from my first marriage they’d be about 12 or 13. What generation? Generation Z? I don’t even know how we can class pre-teen kids, or if we should push them into that mold just yet.

My Gen doesnt often worry about the whole Gen thing much.. like I said we are happy to coast along. But what about our younger Brothers and Sisters, who were the baby of the family?

When there is a Moral Panic. Then, suddenly people of our own Parent’s Gen, start  to raise some nostalgia as a protective shield, like those pictures with words on them saying we’re worried that kids (meaning Gen Y)  who got given medals just for showing up, are going to take over and rule the world… and then we’re all fucked.  They’re the brothers and sisters who stayed living with mum and dad after we left.

The most recent example of  this moral panic is the crack down on Drunken violence and the “Coward punch” as  a King hit, has now been renamed by the mob, in an attempt to  shame the action by wording it differently.  (Incidentally,  I find it funny that so many people spend so much time denying that grammar and spelling have any use, until the exception of when they have a use such as this. To make something Taboo.)

Now after two Men were killed by other men, in violent, probably more likely drug fueled fits of being a complete fuckwit, in the same area of Sydney there is demand for Pollies to make instant band aid policies.  If some of you can’t play nice, none of you will play at all.  Dudes are getting drank up in here and smashing heads with king hits and pretending to be WWF.  Won’t anyone ban WWF?  That shit is soo dang fake, people be copying that crap.

People who are pointing fingers  have abandoned their own pigeon hole “Generation” but are happy to blame Gen Y, because Gen Y is Generation “Me”

But who the fuck are their parents?  Actually they are the ones pointing the finger and calling Gen Y selfish and  “entitled”.  These so-called millennials ( Gen Y ) are mostly the children of baby boomers, and at more than 82 million strong, they now outnumber the members of the boomer generation.  These guys were born in the 80s and 90s, theyre our younger sisters and brothers.   These guys stayed at home into their 20s. They had shit handed to them on a plate, according to their parental generation,  actually unwilling as they were to let them move out and live their own lives..  (my last baby can’t leave!).  It’s Baby Boomers who call their own kids, Selfish, narcissistic and entitled. But it’s the Baby Boomers who made them that way.

To me it’s almost like Frankenstein’s Monster. These attitudes were created by the very people who abhor it the most.  Those kids with those attitudes don’t care what you think. They’re done with your shit. They do what they want, because you have always let them. They don’t feel much.

But let’s look at young men’s attitude toward masculinity first. You live at home with your momma? Oh yes son, I’m talking to you.  What does this popular culture song by TLC  from the 90s tell us?

Can’t get with a dead beat.  By the time guys of my Gen got to 1999, they still shrugged their shoulders about this sort of social comment because it wasn’t about them.  Gen Y take it to heart. What are they supposed to be like? Who are their role models?  Who are they in society?   When left to sit long enough, all things return to their lowest state.   In this case it might be Apes, and frankly it’s that or Hipster.  They’ve been called entitled, but have found that once they’ve flown the coop,  they aren’t really. They can’t get a job, even at the end of studying at Uni. ( again, retire already Baby boomer gen!)  They will probably never be able to afford a house in a major capital city.   Frustration and way, way too many of them in one place has boiled over.  Social media has fed the narcissism, sure… but the stigmatism shouldn’t stop at Gen Y.   We need to look at young men and how they are viewed in society and in the community.  We need to look at why young men drink, take drugs and get into shit on a Saturday night in places like Kings Cross.  Is it really a lack of direction, or sense of an achievable future?  Is it just that like Gen Y, My Gen, that They’ve got nothing to believe in, but they want something to believe in.. or is it that they don’t know how to Man?

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All Hallow’s eve.

Homage to The One True God

Homage to The One True God

I don’t disagree it’s originally  a Gaelic or even Wiccan  ritual, but personally feel the commercialisation of this celebration has infact ruined what should be a beautiful thing to those who wish observe it’s true meaning. True meaning being paying respect to the memory of our late friends or relos.

It’s hard not to want to launch criticism at  retailers looking to cash in on a celebrated day in the downtime to Christmas.   Each to their own, but it wasn’t something that was widely commercially celebrated in Australia for  at least the past 30 years, to my knowledge.  That could be because I was brought up in a country town though, I suppose, and like most European celebrations we observe eg: easter bunny being about spring and new life,  the seasons they are celebrating are all in the reverse.

I recently read, that it was all about stocking up for the lean times of winter, time to slaughter the cattle and bring in the Pumpkins.  October in Australia is just about things catching fire, of late.

Critics will say that we Aussies observe other days like St. Patrick’s day, and even Oktoberfest. But these involve lots and lots of Beer. Not lollies and letting your kids knock on strangers’ front doors.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up like a slutty witch as much as the next Post-feminist, post-wiccan ( yes I put it in the census once)  I just reckon, like all things,  it should be open for debate.

Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but you’re over 30, fat and lazy.

This morning I read This article and it gave me an idea on how to link up my current thoughts on why I’m sometimes pretty bemused  at the world.

I like to think I spend a lot of my time trying to teach other people stuff. Be it through work, or sports or more relevantly, my immediate friends.  Queue this Mariah Carey song 

DO I want to be a hero? Is it really just about making myself feel better here?

Through my work I’m the Boss lady. People need to learn to develop themselves if they want to get anywhere with their career in the company. My efforts to help them do that, are appreciated when they get promoted or some kind of tangible gain can be seen as a result. I then feel happy that Ive taught someone something that has helped them in their lives.

When it comes to friends, the opposite is often true.  I sometimes feel like I’m an honorary mother figure who’s advice is to be ignored because it isn’t cool.  This could also be a feeling I am getting because of the way society has brought up girls and women to compete with each other and there will always be disparity.  It isn’t tangible, and the lessons of  women who have gone before us seem outdated and fussy, even if they are only a few years ahead of us in our lives.

It could also be that maybe I care more about it, and think more on it than they do. It could also be that my delivery is too direct.  If you were to ask me what I want to achieve in my advice giving, it really is so that other people can make their own lives better.  I think this is the crux of  why people interfere in each others’ lives. By God, maybe it’s the meaning of life!

I honestly never thought I would get to a stage where I would say “when I was your age..” but, like global warming, it happens quickly and some people still can’t come to grips with the concept.

Moving into your 30s and realising a lot of people in your life were still in high school when you were out getting shit faced at uni or you were already having a career mapped out, is kind of daunting.

I don’t think Ive ever had a conversation with a group of women,  especially those who I have just been introduced to, where the topic of how old everyone is, hasn’t come up.

Why do we do that?

It’s some kind of gauge as to who knows more? Or is it some kind of gauge as to who is past their use by date? DO I need to compete with this woman for space, both in getting attention, and for the recognition of my ideas?   Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but you’re over thirty so you’re  fat and lazy

Even at my recently taken up sport of Cricket. Yes, Women’s cricket there aren’t a lot of us, so I feel naturally,  we should band together, one bit of sledging stemmed from accusing another player of being 30.  The girl who was sledging the older woman was 14 years old.  At 14 years old, she feared being 30 because that was old! In sporting terms 30 is past it.  You’ve done your dash, time to go off and have babies and leave the sports to the young and less creaky boned.

How did she get that way?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person concerning myself with such questions.  I believe the standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.

My Dingo ate your stick figure family.

On the eve of the ‘lecshun, I’m sure there are a number of faithful readers who are wishing I would just shut up about it already. As it may be, I find it amazing that very few people actually ever take me to task.  To those of you who have, Bravo. I believe, with all my strength of conviction that you are mostly wrong, but I will defend your right to be wrong to the death.  Freedom of speech. FTW.

There is something that has always always pissed me right off to the core since it’s conception, something  I will never defend, and I abhor. It’s about time I blogged about it.

My Family Stickers.

What sort of fuckwit needs to tell another person, possibly trailing them after a road rage incident, that they have 3 young kids and work in I.T?.. At least,  I assume that’s what it means when  presumably the “dad” character has a laptop floating mid air, and he appears to be unable to get off the phone. Or, That Mum, is 9 times out of 10,  clearly a lazy money spending vacuum, who does nothing other than pop out sprogs and go shopping.?

Don’t even get me started about the inherent presumed familial roles and the gender gap, and how you can represent yourself with a prefab, stereotype decal.

Do you really need to add multiple goldfish in 2 separate bowls to indicate you have two goldfish?  What does it mean when one of your “family” has a halo and wings? Are they dead now?  Was it really their final wish to be represented in spirit, by a poorly constructed, mass produced, stick figure?

Or does it mean they are a twink?

I have seen some attempts at humour in this, and kudos to that guy who just had a Man stick figure holding a cup of coffee and  stuck next to him was a stick figure duck.  You win the creative piss take award.  You did, however, still buy in to the hysteria.

One clearly crazy cat lady, gets 2nd place for actually being the one representation I’ve ever seen of a female character with a laptop floating in mid air, and had placed a plethora of stick figure cats, all the variations available it would seem, in a circle around it.

People with the Mum, Dad and two kids. Your stickers are  boring, and nobody cares.  People with the “F*ck your stick figure family”  take on it, your stickers are boring and done to death.  People with the Zombie stick figure family, you are just boring.  Today I saw “My Dingo ate your stick figure family”  Wasn’t even funny.  I’m sure the Chamberlains agree with me.

The only exception to my hatred, was that one time I saw someone’s family as Star Wars characters.  Everyone else, you are clearly the reason this country has taken a swing to the right this election.   Think about it.


Get some Condoms.

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Australia Cannot Afford the Coalition

“George Brandis (Abbott’s biggot big-business attorney general) came out this morning to announce that the Libs are changing copyright laws online to end pirating in Australia.” -Aaron Darc

The Australian Independent Media Network

This isn’t an article about economics.  This is an article about something far more precious  – Culture.  Australia is losing the best parts of itself and at the speed this slide is happening we’re going to be culturally bankrupt before we get a chance to save the farm.

Things started to go bad during the Howard years.  Australia’s most reactionary leader and government sought to unravel the fabric of the social reforms of the Whitlam era, particularly in regard to the rights of women, whose proper station in life had clearly been forgotten.  What he couldn’t achieve in that specific respect he made up for with his own ideas on how to reverse the progressive trend of the Nation’s growth pattern.   He took our famed and admittedly somewhat exaggerated “egalitarianism” and thoroughly trashed it with middle class welfare programs.  He is the progenitor of the modern illness of a…

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My Beefs 2013

Rants.  I like ranting in itself, however…

If you are going to rant, rant loud and rant often. The odd, occasional rant runs the risk of tarnishing an otherwise rant free reputation.  When you rant a lot, you get good at ranting.

People will either agree with you, or regretfully call you a friggen dickhead. I have personally found that the people who call me a friggen dickhead, often have a preconceived expectation, that I should agree with them about things. If it has got to that point,  I usually do not.

I can handle being called a friggen dickhead if I know I am factually correct with my ranting.

If you are going to rant, check your facts, check them again, compare them and then rant. This will make you troll proof both IRL and online.

If you must rant an Opinion, be prepared to be lambasted. It comes with the gig.   Most rants are exactly that. An Opinion. An opinion backed by facts and statistics is very hard to argue against.

Having said that, I like to think that I am a licensed, card carrying troll buster.  My favourite thing to do is lob in to an online debate ( debate meaning it has started out rationally, and then quickly deteriorated into an emotional one) leave a mind bomb which will cause agitation, and then sit back and watch… never. commenting. again. The agitator or person who feels that they have been the most “shit on” will eventually have a brain fart and quit just after invoking Godwin’s law. ( Of which I am usually the first to point out once they’ve left in a huff)

If you must rant, be good at it. Get some practice,

Anger ( especially keyboard warriors)

Everyone is angry about something.  The Labor supporters are angry at the Liberals who are angry at the Greens, who are getting preferences from the Independents.

Women are angry that men still don’t understand that skirts don’t rape women, men do, and men are angry that they are getting “Shit on” by women. Which may be why so many want to vote in a government that will send us back to the 60’s.

Some people are angry that middle class, hetero, white guys still don’t understand that they can’t really be upset about things unless they have done it to themselves because western society has made everything easy for them.  ( I bet that made some of you angry.. am I right?)

Since as a society we don’t tolerate actual fisty-cuffs to have out our beefs any more, as per our evolutionary “fight or flight” response, (and it’s not like people actually think to simply just not read about things that enrage them on the interwebs), flame wars have become the norm.

If you’re going to be angry, also be angry in real life ( IRL) and follow through with your convictions.  In the word’s of Kylie Minogue.. “It’s one thing to say you love me, and another to mean it from the heart. If you don’t intend to see it through, why did we ever start?”

I’m not saying come out swinging fists like a cave-person, but keep the strength of your convictions. Figurative guns a blazin’, and standup for what you believe in at all times.  Anger is then seen as courage. Courage = Care bears and shit like that. People love care bears.

Snake oil.  ( peddlers of bullshit)

I know we all gots to get paid. Even Shakespeare had to.   I believe how you make your money is a measure of your character.

You can see that there are thousands of insecure ( convinced by social conditioning through both media and hundreds of years of lovin’ the oppression we’re in type scenarios ) men and mostly women who are hating on their own bodies.  Even if you try to be untouched by the scourge of body image oppression, at some stage, most people will have it creep in to their lives.

If you have to make money out of a culture of created angst, which can lead to mental illness, depression and even death, then I reckon you’ve got a lot to answer for, even if you are a T.V celebrity.  Even if you are Michelle Bridges. Charging over $100 for an online, virtual fitness and eating plan that is only ever going to work if the self control of the participant is greater than the urge to scoff down KFC on the way home from work, getting in at 8pm to your 2 cats and a pile of dirty laundry to do.  I reckon it’s set up to fail. Meanwhile, uber fitness idols are just rolling around in the Benjamins on their black satin sheet clad water beds, while you weep into your Ben and Jerry’s over failing, yet again to lose 1 single kilo this week.

Get into fitness, for sure! You will feel both mentally and physically more sound. But if you want to pay a hunjy big ones, join a gym, or a bootcamp or get a real life PT. And for god’s sake don’t buy any herbal pills off the internet. Dont expect at age 35 to look like a 16 year old Jeans west model. That aint gonna happen.

Want to combine Ranting and Anger and shaming snake oil peddlers? These guys are doing it right:  (warning, bad words)

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Seeking asylum.

Dear Mothers and Fathers,

I don’t believe Australians are all completely racist, but if you want to weigh in on asylum seekers publicly, please inform yourself of the reasons people are driven to leave their countries. You can even simply read Wikipedia.

Government, either Labor or Liberal,  doesn’t want you to be happy with the idea of people who are innocent, fleeing their usually war ravaged lands, because if we were, they wouldn’t be able to do what they are doing now, which is forcing people into horrendous, and often unsafe environments for long periods of time. Now, almost indefinitely.

“On Friday, Prime Minister Rudd announced that all asylum seekers who arrive by boat will be sent to Papua New Guinea for processing and resettlement – regardless of whether they’re found to have a legitimate claim for asylum. Whether you abhor or reluctantly support it, there’s no denying what this policy means: detaining asylum seekers in tents on a malarial island off the coast of an impoverished, violence-ridden state. We are sending refugees to a country Australia has actually sheltered refugees from” -Getup Australia

Australian Mothers and Fathers, I hope we never, ever have to be forced into a similar situation where we need to flee somewhere in fear of persecution.

Seeking asylum is a Human right.

Article 14.

  • (1) Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.
  • (2) This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

ie: if you’re a convicted criminal, you cant seek asylum.  You are however, still entitled to the other human rights.

If you are worried that these people are coming here and sexually assaulting “our women”, as seems to be the main response as to why some people feel the boats should be “turned back” or blown up please also remember that there are plenty of Australian deviants who commit the same crimes every single day.  They don’t get the publicity that the asylum seekers who have been accused get. Because that’s not topical and it doesn’t support the cause.  The cause is to make you hate them, in general,  so you will turn a blind eye.

The majority of sexual assaults, particularly against women, go unreported.

In 2005, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Personal Safety Survey estimated that only 36 per cent of female victims of physical assault and 19 per cent of female victims of sexual assault in Australia reported the incident to police.

For the victims of these alleged assaults, recently reported in the news,  to have the assault’s occurrence  framed as, based and focused on the nationality or the fact that the person who committed the crime happens to have been a refugee,  is not only a statistical anomaly, but an obvious political slant and media beat up. We are in an election year, after all.

What are the odds that you know someone who has committed a crime.? What are the odds that in your own community there is someone who has committed an act of violence or sexual assault?

That doesn’t mean that you deserve to be rounded up and persecuted, does it? That’s guilt by association, isn’t it?

By the very reasoning that some people are having, in regard to asylum seekers, yes you do.  You’re exactly the same as everyone else who has done unlawful things because you’re from “that” group of people in a community.  You do not deserve a second chance. You should go back to where you came from.  You clearly have ideals that are not the same as the “majority” of Australians, and you deserve to die, preferably on an island somewhere, where no one can hear you scream.

Not very “Australian” is it? Not much of a “fair go”  ….Now what do you do?  You cant go back to where you came from because everyone hates you and thinks you should die. Where do you go now?

Mothers and Fathers, please think on your own opinions, and how they cause a deep, bred in, rift in the political future of this country, and   think again, before you teach your children to hate someone they have never met.


Comment found on a Youtube video made by an Australian media company about Asylum seekers. Everyone is a keyboard warrior.

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