Ive recently taken on Pinterest.  Im late to the game, but I kinda forgot about all the stuff my mother taught me, like how to sew. I can actually sew, but aint nobody got time for dat, usually.

Some of the shit on there is cool,  it’s good for very girly crafty things that can be done when you have nothing more intelligent to do with your spare time, like drinking beer and talking about missing Planes and the imminent invasion of Russia into all the world with your friends.

I was glad to come across a more honest version of D.I.Y jobs taken up by every day folks from the pinterest site.  It is, as a friend recently coined the term ” a giggle vortex”


I have a few items I might add to that.

One thing I did nail though was my home made tattoo aftercare. It’s my take on all that is good for your skin:

5cm strip of Bepanthen

5cm strip of Lanolin

6 drops tea tree oil

6 drops rosemary oil

5 drops of rosehip oil

5 drops of Bio oil ( Vitamin E)

A squirt or two of Aloe vera after sun spray

Whisk it all together and keep in an airtight container. It isnt sterile, so keep that shit to yourself, yo.

I can attest to the fact it works a treat.


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