I’m about to go H.A.M

I bought a ham. A free range ham. That means my piggy pig pig’s leg was free to roam in pasture, and to act like a pig and to interact with other pigs of all ages.

I really wish the opposite was true in terms of labelling. Free range costs a lot more, usually because, funnily enough it is more labour intensive.  We humans are pretty much arseholes when it comes to making livestock production cheaper. Jamming sows in stalls not wider than their bodies and making them give birth in there. Apparently banned in most other countries except of course, old backward backwater Australia.  ( I mean how much further backward can we go Tony Abbott?)Free range pork is born free range and gets to live free range, until it is (hopefully) humanely put down for the purposes of my Xmas season tradition of eating a ham leg for the next 3 months.  If you know me, you know I love my pork products. I do try to actively source Free range pork.

I used to be a Vegetarian , for 10 years infact, and I think after I returned to the land of the omnivores,  Ham was one of the last meats that I came back to because of the intelligence of the animal.  Pigs are smart. So are Squid for that matter.

If you’re having ham this year at Xmas, look for Free Range Pork. But don’t be fooled by the trickster label “Bred free range” because that means the Sow was allowed out, but the piglets were separated from her at 4 weeks and taken away to shelters full of other piglets into a piglet, stolen children house.

There is sadly no legal definition in Australia  and most supermarket hams are the trickster version.

I reckon Free range is far superior anyway. Ask your local butcher.


One thought on “I’m about to go H.A.M

  1. Obi says:

    Howdy Maam,
    my pal Janice is enquiring if you’re planning on being at the JHD Revival xmas bust at the Towny 13th? can reply email. Cheers

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