Thick girls

I like social media sites where all you do is post pictures. I also like social media sites that allow commentary of the pictures. I’m an ex-art school degree carrying, sometime internet aficionado, who likes to think of herself as a geek, of a kind.  Im not a ‘Big Bang Theory’ nerd.  I can’t maths very well, but thanks to technology ( See I told you so, Dad) I don’t really need to do much trigonometry myself. I can, actually  just fucking Google it. That, or ask one of many in my network of nerd friends, who I ave purposely surrounded myself with.   I don’t purport to be an expert in much, ( except aquarium keeping, ask me anything)  but I’m a ‘Jill’ of all trades.  I’m also, I think slotting into a new niche.  What the internets has coined a “Thick” girl. Not Thick as in stupid, or Thick as in a few palings short of a fence or Thick as in a 6 pack short of a carton.

I learned this through online social media, other than Facebook.  Mostly from Tumblr.

Firstly let me preface this, with the idea that it is up to the individual if they want to define themselves as a type. If you want to be labeled as  what I think is a great 2010’s era*  phenomena, then take a look here…. This term obviously applies to body type.  As western society is obsessed it seems, with the body beautiful, so has an ‘alternate’ example of the body beautiful emerged.   It isn’t just “thick” girls.  In fact there is quantifiable debate as to what actually falls within the new categories. It’s almost like purebreed dog breeders arguing over the specifics of a breed.

Thick. It means you have a big, round arse and legs like a front rower for the Warratahs. It is referred to by Sir Mix-a-lot’s song “I like big butts”. She’s little in the middle, but she got much back.  The arguable ideal “thick” girl has a slim and toned waistline,  and a huge arse.  This of course is a body type Unicorn. Generally speaking if you have big, thick legs and arse, you probably have some muffins baking on top  to go with that crumpet. ( Unless of course you are genetically predisposed such as my African, or indeed Pygmy counterparts)   You’re by no means a slim super model type person, but you definitely kick those curves all the way to Hong Kong.  In the words of Robyn you are gifted, all natural and burstin’ the seams.  I rejoice!

When I was growing up,  and even into my mid to late 20s, I had always been taught  by the powers that be, that being rounded in the rear, or having too much motor in the back of your honda was not at all a desirable trait. You are, for all intents and purposes, fat. You’re a fat arse.
Perhaps modes of infiltrating our minds with body image ideals, by fashion and large corporations have changed so dramatically that is has out paced the effects of bombarding every individual with the brain washing.  These alternate worlds have sprung up and usurped that notion that you ought to fit into a size 12 aus, or less.  Or maybe… the real world has just poked it’s nose through the loop hole.

In reality there is the term the internets also like to call “fetish”. Really this just means you prefer something to something else. It’s a preference.  People who have put a good deal of effort into achieving and maintaining their exterior appearance to fit into society’s status quo  like to call it a fetish because, who could possibly prefer that?  Well.. let me tell you. A LOT of people.

Other niches include: Voluptuous. Youre a bigger girl than a thick girl and you rock that body. and BBW. Youre a big beautiful woman.  and then SBBW. Youre a real big curvy and glorious goddess.  Whether you’re hetero or gay, there are people out there who only dig you.   Thankyou men and women of  Tumblr. We owe you our mental health.

*With the exception of Turn of the century women, who’s curvaceous bodies were a symbol of affluence.


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