These days, sexism is a bit like Meryl Streep, in a new film: sometimes you don’t recognise it straightaway.**

Take a look at the online news, or the news on the TV. I mean the actual news, not the bullshit that is made up by what I call right wing, slanted, faux news like that presented on shows like “Sunrise” and Channels 7 and 9. I try not to watch those channels if I can at all help it.

Yesterday I read about racist slurs. Good work Aussies.  Another great reason why  people who come to this country should live by “our way of life” Love it or leave it, right Bogans? Cos here, you’ve got to be racist to other races, even if you’re another race… fit in. get it? *

I read about a woman charged 3 years later with the death of her 6 year old daughter due to willful neglect. Her partner, upon hearing a loud bang in the child’s room, found the girl unconscious, but did nothing. They left her there to die, later burning the body in a suitcase and taking it to bushland. The mother cried on TV in 2010, for anyone who knew anything to come forward.

Again.. good work Australia.  Make sure when you emigrate that you slay your children and then act like it wasn’t you.  Just dont bring religion into it, or you’ll be deffo a terrorist.   Unless it’s Christianity…. then it’s alright… but as long as youre not “full churchy” Just be God fearing, and conservative… but make sure you’re into Motorbikes, and hot sluts.  ( But not your missus of course, she’s not allowed to be a slut) *

HUr hurr.. that’s a bit sexist, and predjudiced right?

We all read about sexism this week, but people cant understand the full grasp of sexist remarks and their impact in society.

What exactly is sexism?

Put simply it is a bias or prejudice against a person based on their gender.  It’s about stereotypes of gender roles. It can be about saying one gender is superior to the other. It’s not always clear cut. it’s not always….’Women are shit drivers’ and the old classic ‘Get in the kitchen and make me a sammich’ remark that those damn trolls like to use on every image or forum known to well… the long standing phrase says “Man” but we’ll say “humankind”

Ive had some blokes tell me, much to my chagrin, that the reason it still exists, is “cos that’s the way it’s always been” after I  remarked that I should be able to go out in public,  get sexually advanced on by any old swinging dick and then not be rudely verbally abused if I so choose to reject such attention.Not be called a “Fat slut” or a “whore” ( irony)  just because I told you no.

The way it’s always been since when? Cave men days?  Y’all think you can come along and club me over the head? There’s a reason that sort of behavior is often framed as Neanderthal like.

I dont mind if you have a perv. I like the idea that I’ve “still got it”  I never said you couldn’t look, from afar, over the other side of the pub for instance.  I call myself Post-feminist and I believe that women should be able to flaunt it if they have it, just as much as a dude.  Feminism in the first place, has allowed me to get to that point in my life time. Thank you feminism. Sadly, instead of saying “you go girl!”  Some women reading this,  will now be forming the opinion that I clearly have tickets on myself, if I think dudes are ogling at my tits all the time.  I’m sorry,  but they are. Sometimes it’s ok. But often, so often, dudes get it horribly wrong.

Society has made women think that way about other women flaunting it. It’s how it keeps us in check. Give  Naomi Wolf’s ‘The Beauty Myth” a little read for more on that topic.

There are the female supporters of sexist remarks,  (who help camouflage what sexism really is…)  whom I can only remind,  that there is a special place in Hell for them.   Technically there is no space for a woman to argue against feminism, because heck that’s akin to denying science has made so many advances in your life, and cures for your common ailments. You wouldn’t be sitting here, reading this, if not for feminism.  You’d be busy cooking and giving birth in the back room in bare feet and making sure you’re quiet about it so you don’t disturb your husband watching the footy, let alone be allowed to read or have a go on the internet.

The more women carry on with the line  ‘Im not a feminist…but…’. The more it proves it’s own point. There they are enjoying feminism. Julie Bishop. I’m looking at you.

It’s a double edged sword.  Bishop claims that Gillard is putting the advancement of women back by decades, by playing the now famously called “Gender card” but Julie, you act as though sexism no longer exists.  It does I’m afraid.  I would like women like you to discontinue supporting the covert, misguided efforts of your conservative counterparts.

Hello 1950’s calling, we’d like our ethics back.

I just want it to be understood that women are people. They make up half the god damn population, if not more. They own less than 1% of the word’s resources, they’re paid 17.5% less on average than a dude doing the same job.    Saying that that’s the way it’s always been just makes me want to tell you  there’s a cure for willful ignorance.  Read a book. It’s 2013 now.

Women, read this Book. and get informed. Supporting sexist bullshit, is merely making it harder to define.

*That’s sarcasm.

**You can be up to 20 minutes in, enjoying all the dinosaurs and the spacefights and the homesick Confederate soldiers, before you go, “Oh my God — under the wig! THAT’S MERYL.”

Very often, a woman can have left a party, caught the bus home, washed her face, got into bed, read 20 minutes of The Female Eunuch and put the light out before she puts the light back on again, sits bolt upright and shouts, “Hang on—I’VE JUST HAD SOME SEXISM AT ME. THAT WAS SOME SEXISM!

Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman

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