Going too far.

I often juggle between social media sites and also often have to tailor my words to suit each.  There are some on which I am anonymous to a degree, and can say whatever I like without remorse…  and then there is Facebook.

Facebook it is like a family reunion at Christmas. You have to bite your tongue because you know that there are certain people on your Facebook page, that you kinda cant not be friends with, like your Mum or your Brother or a colleague, lest ye face the awkwardness of an eternity. Albeit you can limit what they see and yada yada yada…  but it gets tiresome from time to time.

This past week Ive been left to my own devices while my better half  Mr. P was overseas on a work trip. It has lead to some Foul Bachelortte frog moments, about which I am not proud, but at the same time, not that un-proud of.  Because it’s true.  They ARE funny because they’re true.  Usually Mr.  P is here to kind of gently curb my spit-takes and knee jerks on a lot of things I come across, but well, he’s away.

During this time I have strayed to the “Dark side” as it is commonly known, of  both Facebook and Youtube, and I have come away thinking more than I would like to, about some of the things I have seen or read.

Ive seen a man mauled to death by a Lion somewhere in India. The first thing on Facebook that I have ever reported to the Fuzz. The Fuzz replied, that they had reviewed the video and it did not breach Facebook’s policies.  Oh-kay.  I reported it twice I was so shocked. I’m even tempted to embed it here so you can see what you think. It is truly vom worthy.  Not only was the man mauled and bleeding AND dying in front of the camera, but a man then shoots the Lion with a small ineffective pistol, and the Lion then dies in agony. Wrong-town. Im not even going to question the Fuzz, because clearly “tits out” is more offensive than this, after many breastfeeding mums have had their pictures removed without their consent.  Seems Legit, right?

The next thing I went and did was get involved in other people’s prejudices.  I kindly advised a friend and colleague that a Gentleman doesn’t concern himself with things, about which he is not entirely educated to begin with. First educate oneself, and then take the time to remark, rather than vice verse.  It came down to an idea about Islamic terrorists, and some of the comments made by his Facebook friends, after he had watched 60 mins show, about Sharia Law. 

Now, it is hard to argue against white, middle class Islamophobes, especially when they dont know what that means. They just feel irrational fear.  It is also hard to have a rational debate with a person who cant understand what a rational debate entails, and thus takes on everything you type as also a personal affront to their way of life. The result being the classic Bogue-vogue response ” I’m not going to lower myself to your level”.  Meaning name calling or labeling, because the words ‘prejudice’ and arguable ‘racism’ were mentioned in the same sentence as their names.

The most interesting thing that I took away from this was that if you try to talk to people who don’t speak the same language as you, even if it is in the same family/country given language, like English for example because that is what I speak, the person who doesn’t understand what you are trying to say immediately  thinks you are wrong.  If they don’t understand, and you are trying to teach them indirectly, they get offended. After all they didn’t ask to be educated, even though they weighed in, of their own free will ( which is ultimately threatened by Islam in their eyes)  on a subject they had an opinion about  because it was their cousin or sister or brother who started it, and well as they say ‘Blood is thicker’…..

You dont say!

I can absolutely see why so many highly intellectual people also suffer from clinical depression.  (Which itself is nothing to be stigmatised, and I personally suffered from and have managed to put under a harness.) There is actually that much more bullshit available for digestion thanks to the interwebs.  To those who say that some people wall themselves up in their privacy settings, it is for good reason.

Oh baby baby, it’s a wild world. It’s hard to get by just upon a smile.


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