Pole dancing

I recently undertook a beginners course in Pole dancing. Im not the most graceful of women it’s true, but it is definitely something to tick off the bucket list.

We learned a few moves like the hook, the chair, the stag. We learned how to climb the pole. I learned that all of this is actually easier wearing heels.  I learned that having hands like a ploughman  is the name of the game. It’s called “developing your grip”

It’s an 8 week course run by The Pole Dance Academy. They have studios in both Bondi and Redfern. Once you have finished “beginners” you can move onto Elementary, where Im sure you go on to do more fancy tricks. Through the course you learn a specific routine, and do a little show at the end.  Im not gonna upload that though because really, I wasnt that good. ( since ammeded. see below. In the Spirit on Int. Women’s day I give you my post feminist stance)

It helps if youre exceedingly fit and slim, but even a rubenesque lady such as myself  was able to do most things. As long as you dont feel self conscious or intimidated by the fact that most of the girls doing these courses are already dancers or fit bitches and they find it a lot easier than I did.  There werent many Thick girls that I saw coming and going from the room, that is for sure.

Suffice it to say, the woman who taught us for the final night who goes by the moniker of Shimmy was super fit and svelte. She had muscles where I dont think muscles go. She’s also a Lawyer.

Our usual teacher, Mary wasnt able to attend that night. Which was a shame. But, it was good to get a variety of opinion on our progress.

Here is a video I recorded on the night.


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