Skimping in life

The older we get, the more wise we supposedly become. While the whole of 2000-2009 or there abouts escape me, I guess experience was accumulating in my brain before I knew it.
Things I like or dislike. Drugs and alcohol I like or dislike. Their long and short term effect on… Memory for instance.
Or how you can acquire an intolerance.

People I like or dislike. How they effect your every day lives. That the quote of the decade could very well be that you really should “surround yourself with positive, successful people”
Also, that things I’ve said to people, or have taught them in the workplace have gone on to effect the rest of their working careers to date.
That other people can reference me as much as I reference them.
I’ve learned that consistency is the key to everything.
“Start as you mean to go on” has its merits, as does “Do what you say you’re going to do” which is one that I try to live by, if I can.

You can’t always get what you want.. But you can give it a red hot Aussie go…And so on and so forth.

Other important things I’ve learned come from personal experience. Often of having bought something terribly and cheaply made.

For example an Umbrella.

Pertinent to Sydney’s current climate of Ultra rain…You need that fucking thing, to stop you getting wetter than Flipper’s blow hole when it’s pissing with rain.

So why the fuck would you ever think a $5, coat hanger looking, bit of flimsy “water resistant” (yeah, that old caper. Don’t ever be fooled) material that is barely held on by a string of shitty cotton thread, is ever going to save you from Australia’s ‘drought and flooding rains’
Even Dorothea Mackellar knew about this back when she wrote that iconic poem ‘My Country‘. She wasn’t flipping about with a $2 shop umbrella, that’s for bloody certain.
She also experienced Australia’s tendency to catch fire and flood way back then. Somehow we modern folk have a flip out every year when it happens again, as though its something new. Not to detract from both the tragic circumstances this causes, as well as the inconvenience.

I’ve learned in life, are that there are certain things you should never skimp on. Not even if you’re a Foul Bachelor frog.
Get a good, big Umbrella. Like the ones sensible Golfers use.

Buy a decent pair of shoes. Good shoes. Going out shoes. Get handmade ones from some store in London if you can. Or from a local Bespoke shoe maker. Your feet need love. Don’t be a tight arse when it comes to your feet.

Don’t buy your undies from the supermarket. They will ride up your arse like every wedgie you were ever subjected to, all day long and possibly make you regret your birth. Just don’t.
Save up some bloody money if you’re a cheap skate, and at least buy a pair of Bonds. If you can buy nice underwear I guarantee you’ll feel happier all day when you wear them.

Shampoo and other toiletries such as deodorant. I have been skeptical in the past about the merits of advertising to and directed at, we females of the species. But there is more often than not, at least some scientific study as to why the good stuff works better. It costs more for higher quality ingredients. It costs more for research to have been somewhere involved.
I don’t buy into snake oil. But some products just do work better than others.

Toilet paper. I’m all for conservation. But if there is cheap shitty toilet paper about. You can guarantee some toilet paper dags in which ever part of your nether regions you try to use it on. Toilet paper stuck in the vagine is a big no no on my list. A big no no.
Nothing grates me more than picking rolled up paper out of my private parts.

And probably not the least on my list is food and stuff that your pet needs.
Please remember that just because something is ‘Surviving’ doesn’t mean it’s happy.
Little Fido needs you. Don’t buy him or her shitty, grain filled, off cuts of miscellaneous bovine low quality garbage food. You know the stuff I mean.
In the long term your pet will have less of the most common problems people go to the vet for. Skin allergies, hair falling out, susceptibility to disease.
Your pet can’t go to the shop itself, and I’m sure  if he had to go out and buy your dinner he wouldn’t rock up to the counter bemoaning the fact that his Human is costing him a fortune and “eats better” than he does.



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