Australia Day Hottest 100. Fact or farce?


Today: On Australia Day 2013, Mr. P was researching on Sports bet the odds on a song that Im guessing will be #1 in Triple J’s Hottest 100. 

Im taking the probably not so far off the mark guess, that Macklemore’s Thiftshop will win.

The Odds on this song at present ( 2 hours before the whole tradition kicks off) are currently paying $4. With Little talks by Of Monsters and Men taking the lead.


Ive heard Of Monsters and Men because they are played on my work sound “Mood media” system occasionally.  But to me they sound unremarkably Hipster. So Unremarkable. I now  recall why I stopped listening to triple J.

Although as I have blogged in my previous post, I found 2012 to be a better year for my music tastes, I have also found that For the past few years at least, The Hottest 100 tends to be engorged with last minute, flavour of the week music that ends up winning top 10 accolades.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Ke$ha ends up at number 5 and One Direction number 2.

Well, as Mr P says..” that’s pretty extreme”.  Well…In fact were they to make it to those spots it would actually be interesting again.

Come on Australia. I hope you haven’t let the Lamingtons go stale, again.

My Picks are in my previous post.


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