Internet troll men

The internets is full of sexist comments. This saddens me.
Every time I venture out of my own comfortable, well guarded Internet space I come across loser after uneducated loser, comments about women’s appearances, or opinions on how women should live their lives.
Even when women protest. Even when they try to retaliate with equally as charged replies, they are often simply ignored. Frustrating.
It fires me up. It makes me realize. A lot of men are trolls.
How is it that such unbalanced individuals feel that passing on their not so humble opinion that, for example, a woman in a video on youtube, is there to be judged on whether they’re hot enough for them to want to fuck her or whether they’re a “fat whale”
Firstly. Most men are lucky to get any. The ones who get any and continue to get any female attention, are not the kind of Schrodinger’s rapist these commenters are perpetuating.
Secondly, and perhaps I’m living a sheltered idealist life here, but the more intelligence a man has, the more he understands that body shape and type can vary vastly, and that being a skinny 19 year old only lasts for 12 months for all of us.

Men who make these troll comments, only serve themselves to keep women as slaves. Slaves to their own self consciousness and self loathing. After all,what would society be if man freed the last of its slaves? How would it function!? Heaven forbid.

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