Today I Have queued a lot. So much, it has warranted a return to blogging, after a bit of a sojourn.
It started at Bunnings Warehouse. On a tight schedule between wanting to purchase a new fancy Washing machine, feeding ourselves, and looking for some fibreglass tape and getting to the first Drummoyne Rats cricket game of the season by 1pm, I queued for a sausage sambo.
Bunnings are famous for their snag roll BBQs of a weekend and there was a line. At 11am. There was parking mayhem. The Country Women’s assoc. we’re running it today, and they seemed perplexed at the popularity. “This must be the morning tea rush” noted one giggling CWA rep. “elevenses” I’m not sure if the ladies themselves were actually from the country or just acting on their behalf, but they seemed to not know how busy and fraught with danger it is for the common sydneysider to enter Bunnings territory on a Saturday morning. Thankfully that was a pretty decent snag roll. They even had mustard.
After a fruitless search for fibreglass tape, our mission became Harvey Norman. Just around the corner in search of a new, fancy, water efficient washing machine. (by this time I’ve Facebook updated a few of my concerns, and it went on from there)
We were approached by a slightly older Hardly normal associate, who kind of, bit off more than she could chew when she approached us. Being a retail manager, I have pretty high expectations when I’m being served. I find it infinitely frustrating when I feel like I need to train the person serving me. This time I felt like I needed to. While she tried her best to up sell the specs of each particular front loader we looked at, I saw through her schpiel like a lace curtain. She knew a few things about each, which she may have overheard from her colleagues, she chopped and changed the pitch, she chopped and changed the subject. If it wasn’t for the deal that was this weekend only, well… I probably would’ve spat the proverbial dummy.
This was all fairly (in this respect) tolerable until we had to apply for something on a computer. Our sales person was clearly struggling. ” You could apply” she said, pleadingly ” but you could go through all this and not be approved.. You’re better off doing it yourself at home on the Internet” okay…. We asked what she would need aside from proof of identity? , because that wasn’t an issue… What more do you need?
” oh whatever it says in the computer” was her answer. Okay… What does it say “in the computer”?
“I don’t know yet” …. Okay well can we give it a go?
It was clear why she didn’t want to have to take us through all the computer form once she started. She didn’t know “next” from “previous”. She argued with her colleague, after abruptly instructing her to come and assist her attempt.
Not only did she struggle to spell, she was clearly computer illiterate. For a second and third time, she said ” but you know you could go through all this and not be approved… A lot of them don’t get approved”
Firstly, that’s poor representation of the company you work for, secondly while I am profiling you secretly, your attempted profiling of me is apparent.
People are probably sick of the whole ‘people with tattoos are not all bad’ campaign, but I have to agree sometimes, we actually aren’t. Really. I began to wonder if she knew exactly how much it generally costs for a decent tat. I’ve got 12.
So we rattle off the details, after having to virtually fill out the form ourselves and to spell everything. We tell her our income, which goes over her head, she clicks submit and Hey presto! Approved.
I’m not particularly trying to pick on this person’s skills, but more bemoan the fact there are clearly a lot of older people in retail, and other industries, who struggle with technology, and struggle with change. I personally deal with this on a day to day basis, and find it frustrating that there is not more training in the wider workforce.
I was recently told of a book, that I am going to chase up called ” sacred cows make the best burgers”

Thirdly, Haberfield. A few people I know have talked up a patisserie or two in the main street.
While it was on the way to the cricket at five dock park, I attempted to gain possession of a Bigne of two. Time pressed and badly needing coffee at this point, I almost flew into a rage when I saw the queue out the door and deep into the bowels of the much (clearly very popular) raved about
Patisseria Papa having less than 10 mins to be where we were going, I terminated this idea. ( perhaps if the previous port of call hadn’t been so pains taking) Opting for coffee from a different, less busy cafe, sans cannoli. I then spied another patisserie, which appeared less busy. In a last ditch effort and a massive sugar craving, which was reaching fever pitch, I entered the building only to find a sum total of two women serving an entire cafe and Patisseria. I waited an expensive 5 mins without so much as an acknowledgement and then left.
Well may you cite “first world problems” and you’d be right.

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