Whose line is it anyway?

Ive had a sneaking suspicion for a while now, that due to the complete lack of customer service ( and you may understand why big businesses are not really enforcing the idea after this) that when customer service is given/implied/expected, the customer will without a doubt become, big headed and needy.

I had wanted to search for better adjectives, but those will suffice to explain what I have always, always described as “high maintenance”

I lot of people will say.. ” I hate it when Im always asked if I need help” when they are shopping, it enables some kind of inner guilt mechanism, one which makes them automatically feel surveyed.. as if they are a criminal, as if they are about to steal something. Or they just don’t like the idea of being sold to, or “up sold” to.

However, there exists, and I’m not sure I can compare it to previous retail environments, which were not so “compassion” based, a whole other group of people who just need or want attention.  I get it. we all do, right? But where do you draw the line?

Within this group of people there are a few subcategories:

The crazy cat lady.. it’s easy to visualise,  they are the stuff of urban myth, but they do exist. They do! They are lonely (whether or not they have a human family)  and they come standard  with one or more cats.  The cat(s) are apparently more needy than  they are themselves. It’s a circle in a spiral, a wheel within a wheel.  ” he only eats (X) food“… all hell, as you may envisage, breaks loose when the one shop they go to, to buy ( and to get attention themselves from the staff there ) is out of stock of the one, particularly obscure product, that their cat has somehow managed to psychologically confuse them into only buying. Not only is it a wheel within a wheel, it is a boil on a pain in the hemorrhoid.

“When will you have it?” they demand… “My cat is going to starve because of you” ( No, really… this is said on a regular basis in such situations) Think about it. Especially you Mums.. have you ever raised hell in the supermarket because there is some flavour of baby  gunk that your kid eats, suddenly out of stock? I dont think so. It’s not the same. This is a special kiknd of needy.

Far be it from us to venture further than trying out darndest to get the product in, when what we’d like to say is:

Really… we want to explain that an animal, dependent on you.. is what you make it. Pandering to it, and this will sound harsh.. will make a Fussy pussy. No doubt about it.



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