The Rules of the customer cont…

#5 To be honest I cant be bothered to elaborate on these ones. You get the idea.

The customer must always come and want to stand, exactly where you are trying to do something. eg: stocking shelves or straightening up. I dont know why, it’s almost as if they cant be on their own and have a co-dependency on you to keep them safe from the shop goblins. It is entirely frustrating to say the least.

#6 The customer must know that a product does come in a certain size when it doesn’t actually. AT. ALL. I dont care if you think you saw it somewhere else lady,  Nostalgia does funny things to people’s heads from time to time. Just because you WANT it to come in a certain size, doesnt mean it does.

#7 The customer must lose the ability to perform basic tasks, that they might attempt at home. this includes being able a varied range of weights. from 3kg up to 25kg.  Suddenly even strong men have developed a back injury and expect us strapping young lasses to do all the work for them like some kind of bell hop.

#8 The customer must always interject the process of the sale with something they forgot to ask you to begin with, there-by not hearing anything you asked them

#9 The customer must also think they know how to work the eftpos machine. Sadly this is incorrect. to the point where I ave had to put stickers on the machines to tell them not to begin the process until I SAY SO!

#10 The customer must always claim that you didnt give them a reciept when wanting a refund. This is the lynch pin to a shit tonne of lying that some customers seem to do. It has been a perplexing mystery to me for some time. How good law abiding folk turn into absolute bullshitters when it comes to trying to get their way around refund policies.  I blame Today tonight, I blame the Morning show, I blame A Current Affair.. for putting bullshit ideas into the head of the average Prole. You actually have less of a leg to stand on than you think. Most retail places will be flexible out of an excercise in public relations, but if I wanted to I could tell you to go away and have a think about what you just said. Unfortunately when Ive done this in the past Ive had several of the previous problems.


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