Irrational gripes

When you get to the point

that you have to start bouncing ideas off your mates, about a subject, just in case you are leaning toward unintentionally offending ( or maybe intentionally, but dont want them to do that facebook thing where. if someone has said something mildly offensive then CLEARLY it was about them – How dare they?) then perhaps you are in fact treading dangerous water. Not one to often consider this, as I have clearly stated before… that all of this is my opinion and take it as you may.

The subject I am thinking of also refers to my own, twisted thought process, and perhaps simply short temper. I am talking irrational irritability with random strangers.

You may well say that it’s all in my own head, I think it perhaps is….. a Sydney thing. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. You may well say it is…. an affliction brought about by working with the public. Lord knows Ive seen some crazy f’ed up shit in my time. Part Store Manager part Psychiatrist… but it’s more often than not, on my days off, that people start to shit me the most.

For example. Coffee shops. Its Saturday morning, everyone wants their cuppa Joe.. the particular coffee shop that Mr.P and I go to makes extraordinarily fantastic coffee and the staff are all great , however there is for a start, very limited standing room.. in fact you could say its just a thin walkway between the over sized counter and the wall. There are a few tables at the front and couple squeezed in at the back.. at which, unless you are sitting down.. you’re in the way. You’re in the way! This concept does often evade some people on a Saturday morning and they see no problem with either parking their offspring in the isle, or… while you are standing and waiting, simply just standing in front of you, even though you are quite clearly pressed, back against the wall so that you are NOT in the way. What the F? people. Now when we go there, I will wait outside. Far outside because my irrational irritability simply cannot bear it. Are you for real are you actually that much of a bunch of selfish pricks? is running thr20120413-111420.jpgough my mind. I begin to wonder if “situational awareness” is that uncommon?

I have had other coffee shop experiences that have got my goat., and I will go to the extreme, of not going there again, simply because of the clientele it attracts. If the Batista has a backlog of orders, people will be waiting. Those in the community who cannot, for whatever reason see past their own noses, will try to take your coffee as it is presented to the counter, hamburgalar style sans cape and mask…more often than not, out of pure lack of a grasp of the concept that other people might be waiting… “Flat white, Skim, no sugar?Yep!, I say from outside… where Ive been waiting so as not to be in the way, and meanwhile Some middle aged woman in a suit, who ordered about 6 or so coffees after me tries to claim ownership…Oh! it’s on like Donkey Kong. Listen, Lady… it is wise not to get between me and my coffee.. particularly if Ive been waiting for 5 mins to get it. Im not afraid to use the C word in public.


All this of course is part and parcel of why my first point is happening in coffee shops everywhere in Sydney on a Saturday morning. Stake a claim on territory, and claim your bounty immediately so that some selfish prick…… and around and around it goes….

A lot of my irritability stems from other people’s children. but we I shall leave that for another rant. That one goes deep.

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