Pants are over rated.

Its a thing.

I’ve noticed on the book of the face that it’s now a thing to say you hate wearing pants. I’m all for this vigilante movement and think, while it is a community service for some people to remain wearing their pants.. for example those in society who have given up completely on life and trying to maintain any sort of healthy lifestyle… that it should definitely be an optional piece of clothing.  It is liberating to have no one in the relationship, wearing any form of pants, literally or figuratively.

I recently went with Mr. P to the Sydney Sexpo.. as we are want to do. Went last year, probably do again next year, but this time we went with a mission.  We fancy ourselves as “trainspotters” of stars of a  less salubrious industry.  we went to See Alexis Texas

The irrepressible Alexis Texas

So we waited for what was about 20 mins. The options to meet our heroine included normal photo with her, as in no boobs, or topless. for $40. Seemed like a pretty sweet deal.

I was a little star struck, but What we really wanted was a double PAWG  shot. naked asses in front of a crowd, I didnt ask. but we did get a clothed version, which I think is pretty good.

Seems getting your rack out is publicly acceptable and doesnt cost much to ask for from an international Porn star.

She is, I think pretty much a “clean skin” as referred to in previous post,s as someone who does not have tattoos. This seems more like a rare thing among the Porn starlets of today’s industry and it seems pretty much a given that if you work in porn, youll have some kind of ink.It’s even a thing too… maybe it was once a fetish, more main stream now,  but there is a whole genre of Tattooed porn to be found on the intereweb.

Take for example Suicide girls  Now there is some porn dedicated to art ,nudes and ink.  their blurb says                                      “SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates ALTERNATIVE BEAUTY and alternative culture from all over the world.

Since 2001, tens of thousands of models have submitted MILLIONS OF PHOTOS to this website hoping to become SuicideGirls ”

This much is true. Im a fan. Most of Tumblr is a fan.. maybe Tumblr is full of hipsters, yes.. but its also an unlimited scrolling porn land, usually this kind of alternate style.

Does this sort of flooding of the market mean that any chick, who has a lot of tats is suddenly a porn star in the minds of men? Does it mean youre DTF with anyone?

In previous post about Tattoos, one comment I read was in response to a girl who had posted that she worked in a bank, had no problem with having a full sleeve, was employed and that “all the guys love it”. The reply was as such ” I bet all the guys love it, cos youre giving out the wrong message”  I almost spewed a little in my mouth.

While it is evident that chicks with tats are heavily featured in internet porn, is it really some kind of modern day symbol of sexual availability or promiscuity?

I ain’t blowing my own trumpet ( no pun intended) but I often  get salacious  looks from dudes in the street, and berated looks (if its a word) from their girlfriends and wives.  Is it because I is Blonde? I don’t think so. I think I might like to  blame hipsters again. But really, I think in the long run,

Blondes have more fune alternative thing wins in the end. Its something different.

And I once read somewhere ( maybe a toilet wall, which is a brilliant source of knowledge) That all men want (seek) change.

What better than someone who changes all the time?  Or at least gives that illusion. (but Oh!  I hear you say have that ink for life! youre silly!).. but nope. until I run of of skin canvas I can be as changeable Mystique from X-men.

Even the name says it all...


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