Ok Im going there,

I have been battling with the idea of what a Hipster really is. I often wonder if I AM one in a sense..( horror face)  I would like to think that if I am, that Im not of the definition that is described on Wikipedia thusly:  “Christian Lorentzen of Time Out New York argues that “hipsterism fetishizes the authentic” elements of all of the “fringe movements of the postwar era—beat, hippie, punk, even grunge,” and draws on the “cultural stores of every unmelted ethnicity,” and “regurgitates it with a winking inauthenticity.”[3]

Goddess of Grunge

Im not sure if I am after that, at all.. can you “regurgitate” something if you lived through the era in which some of these cultural icons were infact new?  Not hippie, but definitely Punk and, most definitely grunge.  I did sport some Doc Martin boots, a Flanno ( not hard when you grow up country) and some disheveled looking jeans along with the hair.. oh the hair!.

I dont know why but I actually despise the whole idea of “Hipster”. I personally find it to be a regurgitation of shit, not at all winking…that which  I probably wore to Uni ( College of Fine Arts – Art School FFS!) back in the Mid 90s and Shit that I did in my 20s and music ,which we will get to ,that has  gone self indulgent and petulant and is rife with a strange emoxgrunge look that I find excruciating. Who actually liked to be Captain high pants in the 80s anyway?

.  So for me it’s weird and makes  me feel… well.. ripped off?  Another ” Back in my day ” moment, sure.. but Back in my day I WAS all of that, which now is what 15- 25 years olds think is some kind of statement, fashion wise.. or at worst, a lifestyle.  It screams spoiled selfish little brat.

Dont even Try and Google womens grunge hairstyles by the way, this is about as real to the truth as I could find. God Bless you Courtney Love. My Heroine.

In America where the term Hipster derived, A “Hipster” is pretty much someone who was brought up a Greenie, Artistic, Free thinker who  likes looking a bit like they just rolled out of bed in the middle of the afternoon, and is a Sub-culture in that it is often one that ‘mainstream’ America would put their guard up against.  Hipster Fucks make things difficult.   they have demanding ideologies and forthright ideas  Again, sounding scarily a lot like me so where do I go from here?

I get the separator out and say this: Australian Hipster Fucks in 2012 are not the same as old school Hipster Fucks who were actually annoying protesting bastards who got pissed and stormed art openings because the show was crap…. I say this In the same way that Nouveaux Bogan is not the same as the old school Bogan.

Queen of the Bogans

What I meant to say before I was distracted in the search for an Authentic Bogan Queen image (who I have also claimed to be occasionally on very Drunken evenings/days) is that perhaps there is a generational change in Hipsterism that may not be seen in it’s country of origin.

But there is a possibility that perhaps Im being to harsh. Kids of any generation will generally eat up whatever mass produced crap they can buy from General Pants Co. or Dotti or whatever is the Shitty made in a sweat shop clothes horse of that particular era.  Maybe I fell out of the loop and lost the pulse with what is “on trend” Oh God how I hate the phrase in terms of labels. “Vintage” is now some kind of shit,  also originally bought at Dotti or General Pants Co  but from only 10 years ago. You’ll forgive me for having an out of date idea that Vintage actually means something from the Victorian era.. lace and such much,  not a t-shirt I wore in Year 8 to the School social disco at Gunnedah High school , and danced up a storm to Ugly Kid Joe songs played by local music store owner who went by the nom de plume “Swamp Doctor”.

What Real Grunge looked like

So, rather than marginalise a sub-culture ( not that they’d mind)  Ill blame the fucked up quick cash making retail fashion industry in this country for perpetuating heinous fashion crimes and offending my eyes all in the name of a $20 sale.

Ill also blame them for the “look” of a lot of today’s “film clips” or as the youngens call them Music videos.

All too often, particularly during 2011, which I have written off,  as possibly the most crap year of music ever.. I have heard a great song on the radio, loved the music for it’s sound and on further investigation found out via that great revealer of truths Youtube, that the accompanying clip is filled to the brim with this Australian self absorbed hipster brats.

Music video director -Fail. But also win, if the goal is to make money for all involved… go where the money is at I guess, TBC……


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