I’ll swap you.

So I manage people,
And I manage stock.. Stock is easy because it doesn’t get strange ideas in its cardboard box head and become difficult. It doesn’t complain or bitch behind your back, it doesn’t need to. It knows that it goes to its job, does its work and at the end of the day if it’s lucky, it’ll get paid for. It rarely says, ‘hey I think I’d be better off in some other store where I reckon they’ll give me a better shelf to sit on.’ no. Stock is easy, it comes with all it’s proverbial baggage inside it’s plastic and sealed wrapper.
The tricky part with people is, if they don’t communicate, you can’t know what they’re thinking. You can usually afford them the respect, that considering they are working a particular job that they must know what they’re doing. They are, after all presumably a grown adult. But sometimes you find you’re suddenly in the red with that respect. and then the trouble starts….


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