come come, nuclear bomb

Ive gone home sick.

I dont do this. ever. Therefore this flu or whatever lurgy is upon me has got me real bad.

Luckily I have a wireless keyboard and a blog to keep me occupied.. the brain is willing but the body is not. I left today in a hot clammy mess of sickness that even scared away sales reps.

So Ive done a double post, as the last one was written in my Lunch break, just before I felt too disgusting to go on for the rest of the day.

On the reckless and fruitless hunt for that ear loop song I have talked about here in earlier posts, I have discovered a sound which to me sounds like a pastiche of Atony and the Johnsons and a Mariachi band, and The Smiths. That Morrissey sounding, deep but choking on

Uncle Wal loved it.

the words with a brilliant harmony throughout.  They are a U.S Band called Beirut

Firstly Im a sucker for a good use of the piano accordion.     My Great Uncle Wal, once a P.O.W in Ambon WWII, used to pull out his beloved piano accordion and play me Christmas carols on it. I dont know what became of it, but I kind of wished I had laid some claim to it. Its a pretty cool instrument if its done right. And before you scoff, I challenge you to play one yourself.

That aside, Its about as close to the sound of the voices In that song I liked, that Ive come across yet… I just need to trawl through all of their tracks and see if one matches the sound I’m after.

Posted on on my facebook page earlier today, but I just couldnt help but want to play more.

A Sunday Smile – Beirut

Everyday is Like Sunday – Morrissey

Antony and the Johnsons – I hope there’s someone.





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