Back when I was younger,

though that makes me sound old ( theres a bit of the “back in my day” going around at the moment) I used to deplore all things commercial, Christmas, Easter, Valentines day.  Working in a retail environment does that to you.

Now Im in my mid 30s Im starting to think a little differently. Whats wrong with a bit of fun? I suppose the Nay-sayers have some points that are very valid.. yes Hallmark holiday, yes retail cash in on it,  it could be seen as a waste of money etc etc. First world problems.. yes.

Im not saying that everyone should believe, get involved or be forced to buy flowers and chocolates for their loved one ( although I did try this at home) but sitting there and bagging it out doesnt make a damn bit of difference. Just Sayin.

On the topic of  “Back in my day”, I just have one thing to say…. just cos someone else wrote it out and made it into a JPEG picture you can re-post or reblog doesnt mean it’s any different to sitting and having a rant about how kids these days should get a hair cut and get a real job


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