Idiot Drivers

I have been back on the road since September last year

after a long hiatus of 24 months, due to certain circumstances, which shall not be named due to pending legalities etc etc , and now… as of this day, I 100% OWN my own car. This may seem trivial to some… especially considering the circle of friends Mr.P and I have acquired in the past 2 years of doing the NSW Rally circuit. All such competent and competitive drivers, who i cant even begin to describe.

In the time since I got said car, in September last year, I have noticed a growing ( or perhaps not previously noticed to lack of driving) trend that about 90% of Sydney drivers are…. a bit shit at it.

I remember back when I was a young teen, almost giving my Father a coronary in our most Orange of Orange Volvo 240GL.. looking like one of those families, that you picture would drive a Volvo.. Sans driving hat and gloves.Image

I was out on Wandobah road, trying to learn manual and putting it into a ditch in the face of an on coming Semi… Oh happy days…. but they taught me well.

Defensive driving, Offensive driving… what does it all mean?

It means when I drive in Sydney now, I can deal with the dickheads, I seem to encounter on the daily.

Today for example, I visited a good friend on an errand in Marrickville. Her street was an absolute shit fight. It should have been one way… or something… who knows. I was driving… a guy flashes me his lights to say ” hey go past I’ll move over”.. so i proceed,,, but the c-word driver behind him just pulls out from behind, like a dissatisfied lover and proceeds to storm off.. head on, into my path.

What a c*nt.

I gave him the thumbs up… cos.. that was the extent of my AusLan



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