So now Im back, from outer space..

I’m back.. only after going through that entire rigmarole of trying to reset my password after having forgotten it since I HAVEN’T LOGGED IN SINCE 2010.
Well that’s what happens when you go off chasing other pretty shiny things, like Facebook, and Tumblr.
SO Ive recently had a few whinges about my line of work on the ol’ FB.  Some love it, some hate it… I just get a bloody good laugh. But only after Ive drawn breath several thousand times to regain my self esteem and awareness!
Where I work, the customer base is.. well.. it’s old. It’s old and its foreign.. its old eastern European foreign… and it can be very taxing on the soul.  It’s jammed between a Hospital and a Mental health facility.
This should  for all intents and purposes, suffice to describe the “punters” I get there. But you really cant know until you have walked a mile.
I make you walk that mile, and hold my hand, every step of the way. Just you watch

Anyway.. so there’s a song I like but I have no idea who it is by and what it’s called.  They play it on triple j all the time. Sounds a bit like Gotye. Ill keep you posted .. if I ever manage to catch what it is. It’s fast becoming an ear bug. ( aka loop of a song that wont leave your head until you’ve heard it again)

In place of that however, just for today  is an oldie but a goodie from Tv on the Radio: Wolf like me.

Im a massive Skyrim Nerdling … its appropriate. Trust me.

I work with Animals and people.

Animals.  I like them. I even know a lot about them.  Not say, as much as a Zoologist.. but as much as about 30 years experience will get you.

I can even help you win at Trivial pursuit or other animal based trivia games. This I think became more evident when we stopped going to the “music” trivia at the Townie and entered instead the more “General” domain. Due to well.. despite our collective music memory and brains, even my music snobbery goes to shit after 8 schooners.  ( if anyone ever wants to go to the Townie for a game of Trivia.. by all means message me, if you know me its an absolute barrel of laughs.. you just better be good at anograms)

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