Talula.. youll go on the naughty step if you open the freezer…

Ive found that protein shakes, while supposedly good for you are really not the lazy person’s beverage. Firstly because you should use low fat milk… I dont generally dig milk as it stands.. and secondly if you dont have something to shake the bastard thing in all you get is a lumpy, sugary and salty paradigm of what should pass as fuel for your “post workout” fatigued muscles..

Quite frankly my “work out” consists of getting to the Gym when ever I have time.. which is not necessarily much. Although those sticklers to the process say ” theres no such thing as not having time, if youre really committed youll make time” to them I say something my father once said.. well.. ” you cant make a draught horse into a racehorse” no matter what you do.  Id much prefer to stand around in the paddock chewing the cud and occasionally lifting some heavy shit. Im good at that.

Still.. society says I should look somewhere between Miranda Kerr ( good old Gunnedah ex- pat like myself)  and Ke$ha… the latter of which Ive admittedly grown a little fond of because of her latest flabby ( what can only be a beer gut by comparasin) ” my body’s not perfect” supposed admissions in the magazines, best used for poo tickets when you get desperate. Sadly for Kesha, she seems to be copying me.. poor girl. That’ F*ck you ‘attitude has been around long before she tried make money from it. But….. I suppose she wins, for thinking she could. I know that the real person she is trying to push is only created by years of drinking, recreational drugs and putting up with dickheads. Her fans will work that out in time.  Im all for learning through experience.

Lifts Heavy shit

Lifts Heavy shit and looks Pretty





One thought on “Talula.. youll go on the naughty step if you open the freezer…

  1. mark dwyer says:

    I bought a big bag of whey powder. Same deal. it seems you need a concrete mixer. and a stomach similar to a concrete mixer. it just tastes so friggin awful anyway you do it. plus i’d rather have alcohol. maybe mix it with the creamy beige

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