Oh me oh my! I had thought I may have been at least a bit techno competent but having begun this magical journey via the iphone, whilst waiting at the airport.. Ive managed to post something in an obscure part of my blog, yet to be retrieved I’m afraid.

And so it begins… that I find I have more need for a space to scribble in than just the toilet wall at the pub. Opinions galore.. though I do try to keep them under wraps, or under tongue as much as humanly possible these days, for want of trying not to be accused of having some variety if Tourette’s syndrome.

I have often thought of doing this, but for lack of having my shit in a pile.. until now( thankyou my darling) I feel the creative force is being squeezed out of a different hole… ha! no pun intended. Well.. kind of, as Im that way inclined it’s true… wink wink.

When explaining the name chosen for my rant page to a friend, he did exclaim that he thought it sounded like I was permanently having my period… perhaps he has a point!

SO.. from here on in please read… and read into it what you like as we all know opnions are like arseholes.. everyone has one. Lucky for me not everyone can be arsed to write it down..




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